Jungle Heat burning up in Google Play now!


Talented Russian developer Mail.ru Games today officially announced the launch of Jungle Heat, a combat strategy game on Google Play for mobile and tablets. Set in a tropical landscape, Jungle Heat combines articulate cartoon-style graphics, in-depth strategic gameplay and heart-racing combat in one deadly package.

Main concept of the game is for players to gather resources, build up their base, grow an army and free the Jungle from the clutches of the tyrannical General Blood. Players gain experience by fighting other players’ bases and plundering them for valuable resources. For gamers that want a taste of revenge, Jungle Heat will satisfy in spades with the ability for players to launch counter-attacks upon anyone who raids their base. Players can also share achievements with friends via social networks.

Jungle Heat contains weapons, troops and buildings to satisfy the dedicated armchair strategist. Jungle Heat developer Mail.ru Games also plans to add a constant stream of updates to the game over the coming months – including new units, weapons and ways for players to annihilate their enemies. The game will also be enhanced with better social features including the ability to form clans and initiate inter-clan wars. Weekly local and global tournaments are already available, with prizes for those that triumph in the leaderboards.

Key Features include:

  • Beautifully detailed graphics and animation
  • Deep combat strategic gameplay
  • Single player campaign
  • 1 vs 1 Multiplayer
  • Hundreds of hours of fun set across 200 levels
  • Take revenge on players who attacked your base
  • A huge array of upgradeable weapons, units, buildings and more
  • Weekly tournaments with prizes
  • Regional and global leaderboards

Jungle Heat is available for FREE on the Google Play store and will be launched on iOS devices in August 2013.

Get another glimpse here!: