Killer Instinct Season 2 ~ Riptor Introduction Trailer

Ultratech doesn’t always look forwards to find the solutions to future military development. Sometimes, they look to the past.

So it was with the Riptor project.

A competing combat contract project with the Fulgore line and the Cinder initiative, brilliant Ultratech genetic engineer Dr. Erin Gupte saw a better path to follow. She thought that Fulgore’s maintenance and lack of ability to adapt to radically different hostile environments would create a nightmare for upkeep and result in a prohibitively expensive machine. At the same time, she saw the Cinder initiative as pure R&D with years before any interesting developments could be realized. She believed that a creature built on a ruthless adaptable predator and augmented and constrained by modern technology would result in the ideal combat platform. It could rely on its own victims for sustainment, and could maneuver and infiltrate in areas that the Fulgore line would never be able to function; Riptor couldn’t be jammed or hacked, stopped by weather, or be disabled by a grain of sand in an intake. Nor would it take a decade of research to decode the alien technologies the Cinder initiative toyed with.

The first batch of Riptor units were vicious, and even with cybernetic augmentation and programming, were completely uncontrollable. No amount of shock, drugs, or control systems would contain them, and they would tear anything it saw apart in moments, making it impossible for them to work as a coordinated team as planned.

Digging into the problem, and amidst the pressures from Utratech leadership for results, Erin theorized that all her creations had no upbringing, no parenting, only genetic memories to kill that she could not overwrite; they came into the world fully ready to fight, and without any other upbringing to guide them, that’s exactly what they did.

She destroyed the initial batch of Riptor assets and began work on a new batch, augmenting the creatures even further than the originals. Borrowing cast-off technology from the Fulgore project, Erin began using her own mind as a training tool for her new creations, simulating upbringing through her own directed thoughts, guiding the creatures into understanding that there was a place for family, and the idea of a pack…

…to be continued!