Killzone 3 Will Be In 3D

Today we bring you news on Guerrilla Games next installment of there over the top first person shooter Killzone 3. KZ3 begins where the second one ends with a much grander experience in terms of scale and ambition. There will be more variety, more enemy types, massive environments and a broader vision of the planet Helghan and its many terrains. clearly from the image above the planet Helghan has some snowy terrain.
As you can see from the picture the Helghast suit up nicely for the cold weather. One of the new weapons in your arsenal will be a jet pack those familier with killzone: Liberation know that jet packs aren’t new to the serious. You have to admit that its a sweet looking jet pack though. New terrain, new enemies, new weapons isn’t the biggest addition to KZ3. Just like hollywood and its growing fad of 3D entertainment guerilla Games will follow the trend. By allowinf player to ejoy players Killzone 3 in full 3D.