Kingdom for keflings review

If you want a fun game for you and your family then down loud Kingdom for Keflings. The story of the game start that you have help the Keflings build a kingdom.By the way the game looks the year is around the 1700 to the 1800. Also you get to control the Keflings by using your Avatar. In the game your Avatar is a giant that walks around and help the keflings to build their kingdom by lifting having thing like piece of building. When you start the game the game would tell you want to do like put piece of building together and to build a house or other building.

Also the game would tell you,that you can used the Keflings to gather wood,rocks and crystal from around the area. But the game  doesn’t  tell that there are tools behind the forest and also the rock and crystal as well.Hopefully this tip can help you speed up your game. The game has a multiplayer sens the game is a very coma game you can talk to you firends more must games and you don’t have to worry about missions and shores it’s a fun game so just site back and rlolac and injoy the game. My opionuns of the game was  it had a nice joy in the game were you can sit down and have fun.

My favetry  part of the game is the start were you can choose your Avatar as a giant because it makes you flees like your  in the game because must pepoel make thier Avatar to look like them sefl.Also I like the mulitplayer because help your firends out.For a Arcade game it was great it wasn’t to short it wasn’t too long.You should down loud this game it  cost  800 microsoft points its fun game so get and i give it 9 out 10.