‘Kingdom Hearts’ Final Mix and Chain of Memories: RE coming to US


If you’re a huge fan of Square Enix and Disney’s crossover series “Kingdom Hearts” like I am, then you’ll be delighted to know that today Square Enix announced that Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Chain of Memories: RE will finally be arriving in the United States.

The previously Japan-Exclusive versions of the Playstation 2 hits were hard to obtain outside of Japan, but it looks like Square Enix has stepped up to the plate to allow American consumers to return to the amazing Disney worlds featured in Kingdom Hearts. The last few games of Kingdom Hearts were predominantly featured on Nintendo’s DS and 3DS systems, so could this be a hint that Kingdom Hearts 3 will finally be arriving on a console? One can only hope that another chapter to the main saga will be added so we can revisit all the fun in this amazing crossover series.

No word on pricing of the pack just yet.