Knight Age Officially released!

Joymax announced that today their newest title Knight age has officially been launched! This unique riding action 3D MMORPG  has just finished it’s successful beta and is absolutely free to play!  Players that were in the beta also get to carry their character over as well!

This games unique  feature is that it all occurs while mounted!  Mounts can be raised  and strengthened  with skills to  suit each player. Another unique feature in Knight Age is Pupa. You are asking what is Pupa correct?  Pupa’s are pets that go into battle with players ! They can be collected and even  combined to create an even stronger Pupa.  With the official launch there will be more dungeons to explore! Players will not only have to battle monsters but they will also have to solve puzzles ! Then there is the “looking for a group” system where players can gather similar leveled players and become allies to complete challenging game sections.

With this new launch Joymax is celelbrating with prizes that include a brand new laptopand a full gaming set(keyboard, headphones and Mouse)!

For a chance to win OR to join on this fun  go to!