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KungFu LIVE Trailer

Using Virtual Air Guitar Company’s patented Freemotion® technology combined with the PlayStation®Eye, Kung-Fu LIVE allows players to immerse themselves in fist-to-face combat with accurate motion and image scanning happening live and in real-time, right from their living rooms. Armed with a host of super-human moves in multiple interactive environments, disciplined players can brawl their way to victory in a pulse-pounding fight to the finish.

“The trailer unveils a closer look at this project, which represents a long-time goal of ours to let gamers truly step into the world of a fast-paced fighting game using their own likeness without the need for a backdrop,” said Teemu Mäki-Patola, CEO of Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd.  “The player’s motions do not equate to button-presses in our game. The full range of their body IS the controller, allowing a wild and frenetic gaming experience that challenges players to execute both real and exaggerated martial arts moves against an advanced and aggressive AI system. It’s definitely a work-out that players of all ages will enjoy, but simply flailing about in hopes of winning just won’t cut it in this game. Players need to focus on the enemies at hand – jumping, ducking, punching, and kicking each enemy to the ground until they’re the last one standing!”

Launching later this Fall on PlayStation Network, Kung-Fu LIVE will provide a fast, fun, and action packed experience while ushering in a new era of full-body motion gaming.