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LabRATory, Now Free to Play!


Tivola Publishing Ltd. has officially announced today that LabRATory, the fun casual game featuring exciting 2D labyrinth action, is now free to play for the first time!

In LabRATory players have to lead the ravenous rats to a yummy piece of cheese, moving them through each scenario like lemmings. Using an intuitive control system, players must assist the rats navigate through the labyrinth by manipulating lasers, force fields, helpful portals, stompers and even gravity.

Blockades can be deactivated by the use of power-ups, which can make the rats invulnerable and raise or slow down their speed. After the start button is tapped, the rats race through the labyrinth, which gets larger and more challenging with each level.

It’s being launched, free-to-play, in the iTunes and Google Play app stores, and players can also download LabRATory from theAmazon Appstore for $1.99.