League of Legends: Champion and Skin Sale, Spellthief Lux edition



Destroying people on League? Want to treat yourself to some new champions or skins???  From February 19- 22 you may pick up some selected champions and skins at a reduced price! Starting off you can pick up Spellthief Lux skin at 487 Riot Points. Love Poppy, but dislike her default skin? Yeah me too, so it helps to equip her with the Scarlet Hammer Poppy skin, also at 487 Riot Points. Not feeling up to those epic skins? How about every ones favorite Charred Maokai! You can pick up the mighty tree ( my personal favorite if i may add) also at 487 Riot Points. In case you’re not  big on aesthetics, then you’ll be happy to know you can purchase whole champions at a reduced price. Starting off, if you fancy yourself Renekton, you can purchase the mighty champion at 440 Riot Points. Spear throwing Nidalee can be yours at 395 Riot Points. Lastly, if you are the dedicated support player that hasn’t picked up Nami then shame on you! She is a good person, and only wants good things for you! You purchase her now for 487 Riot Points.If you want more info on upcoming champions,skins,tournaments,streams, and more you may click HERE.