League of Legends: Champion and Skin sale



Calling all League players, Riot has the deal for you!  For this upcoming week until Tuesday you can pick up some champions and skins at a reduced price! On the Champion side you can pick up the Infamous Nautilus at 487 Riot points, Corki for 395 Riot points, and every ones favorite Swain at 440 Riot Points. Hey buddy, how bout you slap me skin!!! Champion Skin that is, You want your champion to be educated??? Why not Kennen M.D for 487 Riot points? Feeling like royalty, then how about King Tryndamere  for 487 Riot Points. Lastly, how about Bligewater Swain for 487 Riot points, because he’s a pirate…. Everybody loves pirate. If not then you should be ashamed of yourself.