League of Legends: Customize in-game item sets


With Patch 3.7 now live you may have noticed a new tab labeled “Item Sets”.  You know have a place to research and plan item builds, which you can fully customize. Listing every in-game item you can now choose your favorite builds for every champion type. The left-hand column is where you generate new item sets and give them individual names. The second column lets you sort items exactly like you would in the in-game item shop. To create your custom item builds, you’ll drag and drop an item into a block in the third column.  You can even assign the item set builds to specific champions and maps. Say you only play Summoners Rift or ARAM ( All Random All Mid). You can assign that item set build to those maps only, giving you complete control with the builds you choose. Remember for more information on upcoming champions,skins,streams,updates, and more you can visit the League of Legends Page by clicking HHHEEEERRRREEEEE.