League of Legends For Free

League of Legends Clash of Fates Screenshot

Riot Games has announced today that its upcoming multiplayer title League of Legends will be free.League of Legends will be free to play, you will be able to buy Riot Points wich will allow you to spen the points to your customize character, though this customization will not affect gameplay. Riot Games will also offer a Collector’s edition that will contain exclusive items for $30 when the game is released in September.

Info about League Of Legends:

Influence Points will be earned by simply playing the game, while Riot Points will be available for purchase with real money. Both currencies will be used to unlock additional content customization options, whereas only Influence Points will be used to unlock content such as Runes, which enhance the power of playable characters. Gamers who spend money in the game will not have a power advantage over other players; they will have access to rare visual customization options. The system is designed to empower the player with a huge number of mechanical choices that deepen the level of the strategic thinking in the game.