League of Legends: Game HUD and Item Shop update

Calling all League of Legends fans,as Season 3 comes closer and closer you can be thrilled to know that there will be updates to the Item shop and the game’s HUD. With the slick new look you will find that it’s much easier to browse items to purchase for your arsenal quickly and effectively. The item shop update now has multiple layouts and more options to filter your choices suited to your builid. New updates are listed as followed

  • Item categories are all now accessible with just one click. You can also select more than one filter to help locate those highly-specialized buys.
  • Selecting an item will display its components, their costs, and every higher-tier item it can build into.
  • There’s now a search function to help you quickly locate and buy a particular item. It even recognizes popular slang terms such as “BT” for The Bloodthirster and “triforce” for Trinity Force.
  • There are options to view items in both grid and list layouts. You can now view items as icons so you can browse more items at the same time.
  • There are new recommended items for every champion that incorporate all the preseason additions to the arsenal. Recommended items have also been expanded to offer additional, categorized suggestions (starting items, durability items, offensive items, etc.) to help you tailor your build to your current situation.

Aside from the Items update, you will be delighted to know your HUD is getting a revamped look to appeal to any player aesthetically and make it easier to function. This is a few things to be expected.

  •      The current level of each of your active abilities is now displayed below the icon, and the hotkey assigned to each is now displayed on the button.
  •     Item slots are now marked by a clear hotkey indicator for to easily see which items are usable and what key activates them.
  •      The scoreboard in the upper right has been streamlined and sharpened to maintain clarity.

For more information on upcoming champions,events,skins,patch notes, and more you can visit http://na.leagueoflegends.com/