League of Legends: Gift for Newcomers

You guys finally waking up from your Thanksgiving coma? Want to wake your friends up from their coma? Well you’ll be delighted to know you can do so, by getting them a Legendary gift for new summoners, give that special someone a nice starter pack for anybody that wants to try League of Legends. For only $5 dollars you give them everyone’s favorite champion, Garen,Ashe,Annie,Ryze, and Master Yi, with his Assassin Yi Skin. Along with those goodies, they will also receive a 1 day IP Boost and 7 Day XP boost to help level faster. You can pick up this nice gift at your local retailers as listed below.

  • US-Gamestop
  • US-Bestbuy
  • US-Target
  • US-Wal-Mart
  • CAN-EB Games
  • CAN-Best Buy
  • CAN-Future Shop
  • CAN-Wal-Mart
  • AU-EB Games
  • AU-JB Hi-Fi