League of Legends Karma Rework in the Mix


After a very long time of being in limbo, it looks like everyone’s almost completely unused support is going to get a rework.

For champion Karma, the Enlightened One, Riot has just been announced on the League of Legends forums that she will be receiving a rework in the next coming updates. It appears that she’s going back to the drawing board in Public Beta Environment and then being applied to the main game.

Karma has been a champion that the community has been up in arms over because of the lack of utility she brings compared to other supports, looks like Riot really took to word what the community has asked for and will begin starting on a rework for her soon.

That’s not all folks, for anyone who owns Karma pre-rework will receive a free “Traditional Karma” skin. Isn’t that a great deal! You can pick her up now and try her out in her final twilight hours for 3150 IP or 790 RP in the League Shop.