League of Legends now most played game

Statistics have been gathered, analyzed and released, stating that League of Legends is the most played game by hours played per month! It is reported that 12 million players get on daily, while 32 million log in every month. There are additional facts that may interest you, like Teemo dying 75 times each second, or 6.5 million in one day. Here’s the whole statistic sheet! In other LoL news, the League of Legends World Championships will take place on Oct. 13 at 7 PM PDT, where Azubu Frost will play against the Taipei Assassins for $1 million. Earlier, Azubu Frost was fined $30,000 for screenwatching during a match against Team Solo Mid. Riot Games has stated that steps would be taken to prevent an event like this from happening again.