League of Legends Twisted Treeline Beta is Live

New Twisted Treeline map mode is live!!! If you were hoping for a fresh update to this match mode well you can be excited to know your hopes have been answered. Players have long waited for a more revamped map, and here is a few things you can expect from Twisted Treeline.

  • New terrain and new items to help balance the number of team comps
  • Much more of a condensed map with better monster camps that focuses the actions towards the middle of the map
  • Wider choke points near inhibitors and a wall that separates the shrine turret preventing the late game turtling
  • Awesome new spider boss “Vilemaw” and two neutral altars to allow the combat revolve around team-wide buffs
  • Beginner and Intermediate bots designed for the new terrain available for Custom Games and Co-op vs AI

For more information you can go to http://na.leagueoflegends.com/ and read up on upcoming Champions,Skins,Patches,Guides, and Tournaments.