League of Legends Ward Skins coming soon

With the league of legends update arriving closer and closer you will now be delighted to know you will have the opportunity to purchase skins for your wards. If you ever wanted to have your wards a bit authentic, then you can do soon with the Shadow Isles patch coming soon. By purchasing the skins it will transform your sight and visions wards into the 5 available skins above.

Deadfall Ward- 200IP

Haunting Ward- 800IP

Tomb Angel Ward-25 RP

Widow Ward- 75RP

Bat-O-Lantern Ward- 165Rp

Once you purchase a Ward Skin  it will be added into your inventory for one week and can activate different ones at a time, giving you access to purchase a years worth of ward skins to have at your disposal. They will be available until November 13th allowing you time to stock up and show your friends your spooky wards. For more information on Champion skins, new champions, summoner icons, and events you can visit http://na.leagueoflegends.com/