Legendary Collection 4: Joey`s World Announced

tumblr_luq57qWVJJ1r6bwzpo1_400After the massively popular Legendary Collection 3: Yugi`s World, Konami decided to move forward with the Orichalcos saga. This set will bring cards from all of joeys past from duelist kingdom, battle city, and waking the dragons story lines. This set will contain almost 300 cards from the past duelists such as joey, Mai, Marik, and Rex. Each box will contain 3 brand new cards never released yet in the Yugioh card game series. Joey`s Blue Flame Swordsman, Mai`s Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, and Marik`s Cards of Last Will will all be included in each box, no word yet about the release of the dragon cards from waking the dragons storyline yet. (Side note) due to the awesome power of the card, Cards of Last Will, it will not be tournament legal but it will still be good to use in a Marik Theme deck against your friends. If the set is packaged the same way as the previous set, they will most likely include more promo cards, a game mat, and 5 Legendary Collection 4: Joey`s World Mega Pack. Each pack should have 5 commons 1 rare, 1 super rare, 1 ultra rare, and 1 secret rare. No set release date was confirmed yet, but Konami Said sometime in October 2013. Who knows maybe next year Konami will release Kaiba`s World… Here’s hoping.joey_wheeler_face_by_yugiohart-d5ceput


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