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Legendary Dragon Decks Review

Hey everyone Patrick here with yet another review, thanks to my friends from Konami. Today I am really excited to talk about the Legendary Dragon Decks. Let’s get this out of the way right now, yes I highly recommend this box and yes I recommend buying at least 3 of them. The value you get in one box alone is around $200 and that will change since the cards are reprinted, but that fact that before hand this box could easily be that amount is insane. Now each deck is from a different era, the first is from the Waking the Dragons story arc, the second is from GX and is a Cyber Dragon deck and finally the last deck is from Arc V and is a pendulum dragon deck. Here is the full card list for this set, but I’m gonna give you a small review of each deck and some key cards in each of them.

The Atlantis Arc deck is the deck that has the most valuable and amazing  cards in the box. You get cards like Dark Magical Circle, Magicians Navigation and the 3 Legendary Knights monster and corresponding spell cards for each as well. Also the fusions are amazing since it includes Amulet Dragon, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and Mirror Force Dragon. But the 2 highest value cards in this deck go to Dark Magician the Dragon Knight, which is a new fusion monster that combines the Dark Magician and 1 dragon type together to make an awesome monster that protects your spell and traps that are on the field. The other value card is Apprentice Illusion Magician. This card was only a Shonen Jump exclusice with a $30 or higher tag on it, but now it is included in this amazing box. This card alone makes the competitive Dark Magician deck very viable in the current meta, as it can make plays on its own and keep you stocked up with Dark Magicians. Those were some big cards in the first deck.

The next deck is the Cyber Dragon deck, which feels like the old Cyber Dragon structure deck, but if you combined 2 of them together. This deck doesn’t have a lot going for it other then 4 cards in my opinion. This deck comes with Storming, Drowning, and Quackeing Mirror Force. These cards are amazing by them selves and can be splashed into any deck and the fact that all 3 come in the same deck is crazy. The last card that is viable to me is that it includes a cope of Cyber Dragon Infinity. Infinity is an amazing card and a pain to deal with, and I am very glad that they actually put a powerful card like Infinity in this box so people have the opportunity to play such an awesome card in their deck.

The last deck is the Pendulum Dragon deck. I’m not really a huge fan of the Pendulum mechanic, but I know that there are a few cool cards in this deck that help those players out. One of the major ones is Duelist Alliance, which was an $11 card at one point, now you actually get 2 in this deck. You also get 5 alternate art cards which is pretty cool to have in those Pendulum Dragon decks.

I really love this box and I am very excited it’s out. This is what I think Konami needs to do with a lot of cards, so that way people that are on a budget have the opportunity to play meta decks. I hope you all enjoyed the review and remember happy dueling.