Leviathan: Warships Game Coming Out!

leviathan_warships_packshot_2d_0Leviathan: Warship is a new turn-based strategy kind of game that was announced by Paradox, and Pieces Interactive today which will be available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android platforms later this year. It’s a multiplayer PvP naval game that and also features campain co-op and skirmish play. Leviathan players take take their time to make their move. The game tasks players with assembling customized fleets of warships and weaponry, and is also a cross-platform gameplay across all supported platforms. As with all asynchronous multiplayer, Leviathan runs the risk of games stalling for hours or days if your opponent is occupied with something else.

You can choose from many kinds of ships and weapons types to build a personalized fleet and play against other players and test you strategy skills in a unique blend of action. You can tell your fleet to where to go and where to attack the opponent’s ships. The game allows players to start a game on their computer and continue the same game on a tablet. Offline mode is also available for campaign and challenges. Sound like a fun game to play, takes time like if your playing a game of chess or an intense game of checkers.