Linkin Park 8-Bit Rebellion! Review

Many years ago, the world existed in 8-bit harmony…until PixxelKorp arrived. Now technological advancement dominates, and evil reigns supreme. A mass-brainwashing campaign has taken over and is turning the world into a high-res nightmare. A rebellion is rising, and Linkin Park is calling on YOU to lead the fight against PixxelKorp.


•  Enjoy 8 Linkin Park tracks in their original and 8-bit forms, including “New Divide”, “In The End,” and “Crawling”
• Explore uniquely-themed districts designed for each band member, with characters and items designed by the band themselves
• Create and customize your own avatar in 8-bit or high-res designs
• Decorate your own, personal space
• Equip yourself with an array of devastating weapons and engage in intense boss battles that will put your skills to the challenge!
• Receive mission objectives straight from the band members
• Connect with Facebook to find friends, and post updates to your wall and Twitter accounts

Compare your rebellion points with other players on the global leaderboard!

Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion has to be one of the best games I’ve played on the iPhone, it has a great story that keeps the gam flowing, the controls and game play are just as good the graphics and sound are some of the best I’ve seen  on Apple’s iPhone, iTouch and iPad then there’s the social aspect of the game where you can connect to twitter and Facebook  to play with your friends or you can meet new friends in the game.

The story has you starting as a new recruit for the Rebellion your goal is to help and later save all the Linkin Park band members during your missions you receive items to help you through out the game like  guns, cash, apartment decor (which you use to decorate your apartment).

The controls get a bit getting us to i ended up switching it to D-pad its still touch but it displays buttons on screen rather then just tapping on the screen randomly and accidentally tapping on  someone or a NPC. The gameplay was smooth nothing too repetitive like you see in most iPhone games you basically stick to the main story with few side missions. the story felt a bit short but you can keep playing well after you beat the game by working on your apartment and a few other features.

The graphic and sound have to be the best things from this game all the artwork you see is done by Linkin Park themselves, which if you’ve seen any of their art before you would know they have some amazing art, then there’s of course the game’s sound track which  consist of 16 songs 8 of them are  8-bit version  and 8 are the originals and a huge surprise you get at the end is when you beat the game you unlock a new song from Linkin Park!.

“In the End” (thats right I said it) I highly recommend this game to anyone like I said earlier this is one of the best games I’ve played on the iPhone,  if it was only longer it would of been almost  perfect,  I give this game a 9 out of 10 its a must get even if your a fan of the band or not this is a great game, enough reading go get the game.