Liquid Cooled Baby


For all you hardcore PC Gamers out there check out these sweet new cards  from the company BFG, new liquid cooled versions of the BFG Geforce GTX 285 and 295 .  These new cards feature a

Advanced self-contained liquid cooling found only in BFG’s Phobosâ„¢ system is now available to integrate hassle-free liquid cooling into any system*

High performance fan, radiator and pump assembly (heat exchanger) pushes coolant through the system and exhausts heat directly outside of your chassis*

Three different manually selectable speed settings, Auto, Quiet and Maximum, give control over acoustics and thermal performance.”

I have been using BFG video cards for awhile now starting with their PCI 6800GT and I have been very satisfied with their products and I love their product warranties. If your looking into getting a new card with a liquid cooling solution check’em out. BFG Link