Lock N’ Loadout: Far Cry 3 Edition


Hello everyone, welcome back to Lock N’ Loadout and as promised this episode will feature some of the BEST weapons in Far Cry 3 and how to obtain and utilize them to their full extent.

Far Cry 3 is abundant with weapons, and from the second you start the game, the first thing you’ll want to do is expand the range of the weapons you have available. You start out with a measly M1911, but as the game progresses through both story mode or free roaming, you’ll be able to wield up to 4 weapons, from giant LMG’s, rocket launchers, revolvers, and even explosive sniper rifles.

However, among the best weapons in the game are signature weapons, which have special properties and attachments which go along with them. They take effort to get, but are the best weapons inside of their classes and definitely worth the time to obtain.

So let’s do a count from the top 4 weapons, starting with number 4.

4. Ripper

Ripper is definitely a powerhouse. This customized and painted MKG has a lot of bullets, sporting a 200 round magazine, on top it has a marksman sight, and is tuned for accuracy and maximum stopping power. The Ripper is one of my favorite options to go to when I’m under a lot of fire from enemies, if I fail to be stealthy whenever I’m doing a mission, I like to go to the Ripper to ensure that the only thing left of my enemies are all crumpled corpses and riddled bullets on the ground. Although LMG ammo is very expensive (and thus why Ripper is number 4), money doesn’t become much of a problem late game, but a huge one early game. In order to obtain Ripper you must participate in 6 “Trials of the Rakyat.”


3. Bushman

Bushman is the only fully automatic silenced assault rifle in the game. Sporting an ACOG style marksman sight, extended mag, and suppressor, it’s useful and ammo friendly because most enemies carry assault rifles as well. Although it does seem lacking in power against enemies with body armor, it’s a very nice weapon to have on hand when free roaming the island. The main drawback of the Bushman is that it’s unlocked very late into the game. In order to unlock it, you must repair all 18 radio towers, which requires going to the south island. This means for about a half or two thirds of the game, you won’t have this available to you, which is when you really need it. Despite that, it’s an all around good weapon to carry at any time.


2. Recurve Bow

The Recurve bow is undoubtedly one of the best weapons to carry around in the game. A silent striker, it’s able to take out any humanoid enemy in a single arrow, and takes down animals in 1-4 arrows as well. It is extremely ammo efficient, as normal arrows can be taken off of the environment or corpses should they land somewhere Jason can reach. There are two perks associated with this weapon, which steady aim while drawn and also speed up draw time. There are only two attachments for this weapon, the Red Dot and Marksman sight, although the Marksman sight is arguably the better choice of the two (and also features unique distance measurements). It is also capable of using explosive and fire arrow ammo types which are non-recoverable, but craftable at any time. This bow is very close to taking best weapon in the game, it’s unlocked early (purchasable at the shop) and can also be obtained for free during a hunting mission or for clearing 3 radio towers. The ammo friendly-ness is great, and can save a lot of money early game. Hunting can be a little hard because of the slow draw time, but apart from that the power is unmatched.


1. Shredder

Shredder is a Signature Vector K10 with an attached suppressor, marksman sight, and huge extended magazine. Oddly enough, the Shredder has more power than the Bushman, and literally shreds anything that opposes you. Great for wildlife and humanoid enemies, it’s a surprise as to how early you can actually obtain this weapon, and can make the game much easier. The only drawback is the low ammo capacity that Jason can hold, with a maximum of 240 rounds that the Shredder can eat through in only a few firefights. However, nothing and absolutely nothing can beat how useful this weapon can be, whether it be for direct combat or stealth, Shredder is always a viable option. Shredder can be obtained by getting 10 of the memory cards inside of liberated outposts on the first island.

There you have it, some of the best weapons to carry around in Far Cry 3, now get out there on the tropics and blow up an island!