Lock N’ Loadout: ‘League of Legends’ Ezreal the Prodigal Explorer Guide


Hello and welcome to this edition of Lock N’ Loadout! Today we will be discussing how to build and use my favorite attack damage carry of the game, Ezreal! This is my very first Attack Damage guide, and so is not something people have to take to a tee, but rather a good starting point for anyone who wants to explore the amazing utilities of Ezreal, with or without a map!

So to start off let’s briefly go over how Ezreal works. Ezreal is a projectile based champion whos skills are composed almost entirely of skillshots, what does that mean you say? Skillshots are abilities that must be aimed manually in order to function, and so is not an ability that homes in on the target once fired, but must have variables like leading time and projectile speed taken into account by the player. Ezreal can be played as an Attack Damage or Ability Power based champion, but I’ve found most success personally comes from using him as an attack damage champion rather than AP or Hybrid. Ezreal takes quite a bit of time to learn, but can become a great weapon for any team to have if learned proper.

Let’s start off with his skills:


Rising Spell Force (Passive): Rising Spell Force gives +10% attack speed whenever an ability hits a target for 5 seconds and stacks up to 5 times. Rising Spell Force is a great passive throughout the game, because it gives a lot better damage output over some other carries who need items in order to buff their attack speed. It never really falls off, other than if you cannot hit your skillshots correctly, but in that case, you shouldn’t be playing Ezreal in the first place. It’s a solid all around passive ability.


Mystic Shot: This will be your best friend while playing Ezreal, it’s essentially a powered up version of your autoattack with a lot more range. It can proc vamp and other on-hit effects, but must be manually aimed and can be blocked by creeps and other enemies. Whenever a hit is made by Mystic Shot, all of Ezreal’s abilities receive a 1 second cooldown reduction. This ability is extremely useful for scouting as well, because it can be blindfired into a bush and the hit noise can allow a player to find out whether or not an enemy is hiding inside. It has great poking power, and can whittle down enemy health if accurately used. It’s also very, very, useful for reducing cooldowns, if your ultimate or other abilities are on long cooldown, spamming Mystic Shot reduces the cooldown extremely quickly. Learn and love this skill, because hitting Q will be central to play Ezreal.


Essence Flux: Hits champions and does ability power damage, and can pass through minions to hit champions as well. Essence Flux also increases the attack speed for any friendly champions it hits. Essence Flux got a huge, huge, nerf in the last few patches. It removed the attack speed loss of any enemies hit by Essence Flux. Now, it’s really only useful during teamfights to buff your allies or when attacking tower, but it’s still a decent ability to Ezreal’s kit. Be careful in spamming this ability because it takes quite a bit of mana whenever it is fired.


Arcane Shift: Teleports Ezreal to the close-by target location and fires an ability powered homing missile at the nearest target. This is Ezreal’s second most useful ability by far, essentially, it acts as a free flash that fires a shot. Great for initiation and escaping, using Arcane Shift can turn the tide of battles by allowing Ezreal to get into better positioning to use his abilities. Although the cooldown is long, you can use Mystic Shot in order to hit targets and bring it back up for use.


Trueshot Barrage (Ultimate): Ezreal charges for one second, summoning a wave of missiles in the target direction. This is a global ultimate capable of traversing the entire map. Great for catching enemies off guard while they are attempting to return back, Trueshot Barrage does a considerable amount of damage and additionally sets Ezreal’s Rising Spell Force up to 5 stacks upon any target being hit. It can be fired to clear minion waves that might be getting too close to your tower, and easily brought off cooldown by using Mystic Shot’s passive. Positioning is a MUST with this ultimate, because hitting more targets is obviously better.

Build Usage: For my build I usually like to start off with Basic Boots and 3 potions or Doran’s Blade. The boots allow for great positioning to land consecutive skillshots and keep pressure on enemies, while Doran’s Blade gives a nice amount of early game sustain and good damage boost. Vampiric Scepter is the very first item I rush, the damage and sustain given from this item is solid. Then comes boots, I like to upgrade from Basic Boots onto Berzerker’s Greaves, and taking note of buying the Furor enchantment early. This gives a huge amount of kiting ability very early game, preventing Ezreal from getting caught in bad situations by landing your Mystic Shot. Bloodthirster is a big focus here, and provides a lot of Vamp and damage for a relatively low cost. Purchasing Sheen and Phage are next on the list, but the order in which they are purchased depends on how the game is going. Go onto Zeal and finish it with Trinity Force to become a powerhouse of damage. Guardian Angel and Warmogs are both nice choices for keeping alive against enemy damage, while Last Whisper and Infinity Edge are great choices to finish your build.

Masteries: I like to go 21/9/0 with focus on Attack damage and a little in defense for health. The damage really makes a big difference, so make sure you get all of the ones focusing on upping your attack damage. The health from the defensive mastery gives a little more sustain in your lane as well.

Runes: I like to run Armor Pen. Reds, Armor Yellows, and Magic Resist Blues. The Armor penetration is great throughout the game, and hits hard for enemies trying to mitigate damage. Armor yellows are just common sense, and Magic Resist blues help with the fact that you won’t be focusing on purchasing armor or magic resistance with your build until later on.

Well that’s it for this guide! It’s short and sweet, so that you can get out there and experience Ezreal yourself on the Fields of Justice! Keep your head up and your maps down, and I’ll catch you right here til’ next time!