Lock N’ Loadout: ‘League of Legends,’ Thresh, the Chain Warden


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Lock N’ Loadout! There was a very long period of pause since my last one featuring Hecarim because I’ve discovered that Thresh has become one of my favorite new champions! It took a lot of trial/error/and experience to come up with a reliable guide, so I hope you will be able to fully enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Lets start off with a general idea of how Thresh works. The best way to describe Thresh is to relate him to another “grab” type champion, Blitzcrank. However, Thresh is a ranged champion. Thresh is designed to fill a Support/Tank role for the team, and also features a unique system of play through his passive. By sustaining in a lane rather than charging in, Thresh is able to gain free armor to extreme levels without buying items or going back.

First, we need to explain his abilities:


Damnation (Passive): This passive sets Thresh apart from any other champion, in that he does not gain armor per level like all others. Damnation allows a soul to be dropped whenever a large minion, neutral monster, or champion is killed. It also has a small chance of dropping a soul on a normal minion death. For each soul, Thresh gains armor and ability power, starting off from 1.00 ratio dropping by .05 to reach a minimum of .5. This allows Thresh to get EXTREMELY tanky without purchasing any armor items, but also makes him very fragile early game and very dependent on staying in lane to get more powerful. I really love this passive, but one must be extremely careful to not push their lane so they would not be able to adequately collect souls.


Death Sentence: Death Sentence is akin to Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, but has a few different attributes. First of all, it adds a passive which charges up Thresh’s autoattacks so long as he is not attacking, adding a portion of his ability power to the attack. Second, once an enemy is grabbed, Thresh can activate the ability a second time to pull himself to the enemy. Third, Thresh CANNOT grab enemies and pull them through walls like Blitzcrank. Although the grab will connect through the wall, it will not bring them through the wall, it does however, allow you to pull yourself to them through the wall instead.


Dark Passage: Another ability with a dual purpose, Dark Passage allows Thresh to throw his lantern at a target location and provides a shield for anyone within short range of it, and also can collect souls if they are in range. Although it seems fairly straightforward, allies can also click on the thrown lantern to be pulled back to Thresh. This allows for a very powerful escape or initiate, throwing the lantern off to an enemy who is getting focused can prevent further damage while also giving them a great escape tool. For offense, it can bring a slower character right up to your location in an instant, saving valuable seconds that can be used for a gank.


Flay: This is a linear skillshot that begins behind Thresh and continues a considerable distance in front of him. Flay pushes enemies in the direction that Flay was cast, knocking them forward. Useful as both an escape and initiate tool, Flay can push a vulnerable enemy closer to your teammates, or pushing your enemies out of the way for an escape. Although not notably powerful, it is very useful when combined with Death Sentence.


The Box (Ultimate): The Box casts a pentagon of walls capable of dealing magic damage and slowing the enemy by 99% (Although this value cannot be calculated in game due to having a base movement speed higher than that of the capable slow). Once an enemy is hit by a wall, they receive a lesser effect from subsequent walls. This ability can seperate enemies by placing them inside The Box, or is also capable of denying them by shutting off a key offensive point and slowing them for teammates to escape. The damage is also fairly heavy, and can be useful if Thresh can find an enemy on their own at low health.

Masteries: I go 0/9/21, focusing full support and slight health regen/health increase. The free health definitely helps counter Thresh’s low armor early game, while the support gives you gold for harass, a free ward, a free potion, and 2 gold per 10, further stacking with Philosopher’s and Kage’s. The bonus 3% for the end gives a great oppertunity to be more mobile and punish enemies who are out of position.

Build:For build usage, I like to make Thresh a full on “Gold per” support. Philosopher’s Stone, Kage’s Lucky Pick, and Sightstone are absolutely essential, and can give you a great amount of free gold over time. Further past that I like to get Warmogs for Tankiness, and items like Spirit Visage, Merc Treads, and Aegis of Legion for Magic Resistance. If I’m able to complete my build, I usually get Malady, which stacks with the free damage he receives from Death Sentence’s passive. As with any support, items with Auras/Actives are huge, so don’t be afraid to purchase them.

Runes: For runes I like to go Armor for yellows, Health Quintessences, Magic Resistance per Level blues, and Magic Penetration Reds. This gives a great balance for Thresh, allowing his Death Sentence proc to hit a little harder on enemies you target, and overall making him slightly more damaging.

I hope you all enjoyed this glance into the League’s newest champion! I’ve had a ton of fun with Thresh and I hope you too are all able to get better insight on how to utilize the Chain Warden!