Arcade Awesome Classic Arcade Review Thoughts


LUFTRAUSERS is an arcade-style game made by Vlambeer that’s just one big dog fight. The game format is very simple but very fun. You start off with three objectives and a basic plane; you complete these objectives to level-up and gain more parts to your plane. The upgrading system is a lot of fun to play around with. You have three types of parts you can upgrade and about 125 customizable parts in all.

If you’re looking for the classic quarter arcade game feel then this is perfect. The gameplay is smooth, the mechanics are amazing, and the graphics will bring you back to the 70’s. The objectives start out easy but as you complete one by one they get harder. Same with the enemies, at first they are easy to blast straight out of the air but the longer you play the more you’ll be sweating to get away from the hundreds of planes coming for you.

LUFTRAUSERS also has boat enemies. I’ve only seen two types of boat enemies, basic single gunned boat, and a full blown navy ship with two very powerful canons. The combat is very simple but needs some getting use to. You need to maneuver threw the thousands of bullets and kill as many planes as possible before it gets completely impossible to survive. The overall objective is to level up and get all the plane parts unlocked. I don’t know if there is a main boss but how the enemies work you don’t really need one. You will have a different experience every time you play it.

I’ve had tons of fun playing this and will continue playing it for a long long time. I love the arcade feel to it and cant wait what Vlambeer has for us next. I give LUFTRAUSERS a 5 out of 5. You can buy LUFTRAUSERS on the Steam market for $9.99.