Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Finally! Nintendo has released new information about Luigi’s newest solo role title. It has been a whole year since we heard word about Luigi’s Mansion 2 but at this years E3, Nintendo went all out with updates for this title, for example, it’s not even called Luigi’s Mansion 2 the new title for this game is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Once again Nintendo has scheduled the release of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the holiday season 2012. By the looks of the trailer and various screenshot’s the game play looks very solid. During Nintendo’s press conference it was stated that there will be new ghosts to deal with in this game and in order to take them down you will need different types of strategy. Not only that you will need the help of Luigi’s old friend Professor E. Gadd and all of his crazy inventions. Like I said before, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is set to release this holiday season for the 3DS. Check out the trailer and all the screenshots managed to gather up below.