Lumo Deliveries INC. shows how to develop games for a distracted audience



Lumo Deliveries Inc., the social management sim with a difference, will receive its first public showing as part of a special event held at the head office of Ukie (United Kingdom Association for Interactive Entertainment) in London on Friday 25 April 2014.

The free event takes on the form of a games development workshop hosted by the Lumo Deliveries Inc. team, called ‘How to develop for a distracted audience and keep them engaged’, with contributions from psychologist Dr. Simon Moore. The presentation will be followed by a game developer Q&A panel hosted by tech journalist Guy Cocker, featuring Steve Stopps (Lumo Deliveries Inc.), Jonathan Evans (designer of Kumo Lumo), Chris Kempt (Kempt) and Nick Baynes (Big Bit).

How to develop for a distracted audience and keep them engaged
Playing games is part of everyday life. Many consumers, however, engage in short session gaming – on the way to work, whilst waiting for a friend, in between TV programmes. Short session gaming accounts for an increasing part of the 55 million hours of gaming taking place in the UK every single day. How do you develop for a mainstream audience who are only after a distraction between ad breaks rather than being fully engaged with your game? Emerging from the late-Blitz Games, new studio Lumo Developments argues that we don’t have the player’s complete attention and that developers need to understand how this impacts gameplay.

This notion has been at the forefront during the development of the company’s first title, Lumo Deliveries Inc., which will be shown to the public for the first time. Using Lumo Deliveries Inc. the developer will explain the key drivers for success in developing short session gaming.

Steve Stopps, Jonathan Evans, Nic Williams – Lumo Developments
Dr. Simon Moore – a psychologist who will discuss emotional decision making and consumer choice

Game developer panel
Hosted by tech journalist Guy Cocker (Sky, BBC, Wired, T3, BAFTA)
Steve Stopps, Lumo Deliveries
Jonathan Evans (designer of Kumo Lumo)
Chris Kempt, Kempt
Nick Baynes, Big Bit

Join us from 3pm for illumination, insight and debate.
Beer from 5pm to 6pm.