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Mad Catz Announces Expected Shipping Date for Premium Saitek Pro Flight X-65F Control

Mad Catz announced plans to ship the highly anticipated Saitek Pro Flight X-65F Control System, a premium hands-on throttle and stick flight simulation device utilizing ‘Force Sensing’ technology, in February 2010.

Announced in 2009, the Force Sensing technology used in the X-65F simulates the authentic aircraft controls typically found in modern fighter jets by responding to the pressure exerted on the stick while it remains still at all times.  With the stick remaining still and in-game movements reacting only to the player’s pressure, gamers can command with extreme precision and realism.  In addition to the Force Sensing Shaft and Twist Rudder Controls, the X-65F affords gamers the opportunity to adjust multiple aspects of the Force Sensing system on-the-fly, including adjustments for each axis of the stick, resulting in customized control without the need to interrupt game play.

Included in pack, gamers can enjoy a complementary CD containing ready-made control profiles for many leading flight simulation and flight action software titles, providing gamers with the optimum control configuration without the need to manually map button layouts.  Software profiles provided include: Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Lock On: Air Combat Simulation, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator and Falcon 4.0.

Also included in pack is a complementary PC demo of the Ubisoft game, Lock On: Flaming Cliffs, allowing gamers to experience the realism of the X-65F without the need to purchase additional software.

Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz commented, “The Saitek brand has always been synonymous with flight simulation, realism, and build quality.  The X-65F was designed from the ground-up and revolutionizes HOTAS control systems with the addition of Force Sensing technology.  Since announcing the X-65F last year, the flight simulation community has been following the development closely.  We are delighted that ‘simers’ and gamers can now experience it for themselves.  The X-65F demonstrates a continuation of our strategy of developing products that evoke a passionate consumer response.”

The Saitek Pro Flight X-65F Control System is expected to ship in February 2010 and will have an SRP of: $399.99 / £349.99.