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Mad Catz Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Headphones Pc/Mac Review



Gamer’s are always on the lookout for the little piece of equipment to give them the upper hand. I think we might have found that piece of equipment to do the trick. I was given the opportunity to review the new Mad Catz Tritton Pro+ 5.1 Headphones for the Pc/Mac. After a few moments to realize whether it was a friend or foe I decided to dive in head first.

  • All your base  are belong to us-  One thing that I appreciated with this headset is that it didn’t deviate from its iconic look. It has the familiar feel of other Tritton headsets but only with a hint of chaotic power. Once I put these headphones on you can really feel the power of the four separate drivers in each ear. The left and right set at 30mm, Front at 30mm, Rear at 24mm, and lastly the Sub driver at 40mm really gives off a surround sound experience. You will be required a 5.1 surround source to get the full impact of the headset.


  • First Blood!- In game you really feel the immersion factor take into effect almost immediately. Nobody will ever sneak up on you again when you have these monsters watching your back. I had a different experience playing the same games I play with the headset alone. Explosions going off never sounded so good up until now. As a test I had a teammate go around in circles around me while I had my eyes closed, shouting out at what direction he was at. If you are a PC gamer and shooters are your cup of tea then this headset is the sugar to the tea. Even if you aren’t the shooter type this headset provides immersion like no other. Whether it be hearing music, watching movies, or playing any game, this is probably as good as it going to get.


  • Boomshakalaka-  These headsets really pack a punch, and with it allowing me to customize every part of it, I really am going to have trouble letting these go. You can adjust every driver on your headset with the audio remote to the setting you feel most comfortable with.Voice communication is crisp and clear if your on Skype, Ventrillo, or any other team speak program. Just like I reviewed the Tritton Kunai Pc headsets I was considered that after hours of gaming my ears would get sore. To my dismay  the headset held up and I could play comfortably for hours.


  • C-C-C-Combo BREAKER!!!-  Having the chance to try this headset I can finally give the review that it deserves. There isn’t any faults with this headset that I could find. I’d thought it wouldn’t be comfortable for long hours, and it shows me otherwise. The 5.1 audio sound on it really changes the games you love to play. If you are a dedicated PC gamer or starting to get into Pro gaming then you would gain a massive advantage in getting the TRITTON Pro+  5.1 Surround Sound Headset. At $130.00  this is the most cost effective way to experience the outstanding audio that TRITTON have perfected in all their headsets. This is the headset to get if you wanna take your game further.     10/10  






  1. Does anyone know about the noise cancellation performance of this headphone? I would like to buy but where I am using this, I have a background noise that would always be present and I am wondering how will this impact the performance? Thank you for your help.

  2. These headphones do wonders on canceling all outside noise. Once you put these headphones on you can’t hear anything other then what the headphones are connected to

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