Mad Max game?


I was looking around the net when i stumbled across this awesome article on G4

Director George Miller, the genius behind The Road Warrior, thinks games are poised to take over for movies: “Games were the poor cousin to feature films when it came to storytelling but I think it’s flipping,” Miller told MTV Multiplayer. “Games allow you be much more like a novelist.”

I think George Miller is right about the potential of games as an art form, but the medium has a long way to go. The way I see, around 90% of all video games are based on movies, whether they’re specific movie tie-in games (Like, upcoming Miller game Mad Max), or games that are based on movie scenarios in general (like Fallout 3 “feeling” like Mad Max. See the picture?) At the risk of getting a little too deep on a Friday afternoon, I think games are on their way to developing their own “language,” but aren’t there yet. Much like films were very stage-like in the 20s, then began to develop narrative techniques specific to the form in the 30s, it’s taken until recently for games to get past the “interactive movie” stage and begin to tell stories that could not be told in any other way. Like Portal, for instance. If you think about it, motion pictures were first displayed commercially around 1900, and it took 30-40 years for the form to mature. Games started, give or take, in the early-to-mid 1970s, and are just now, 30-40 years later, starting to seem like a grown-up art form. I predict a bright future, and I can’t wait until games go through a stage similar to the 1970s auteur style of film!

This would be awesome i would love to play a Mad Max game i’m also curious to know if its a few years away what would we be playing it on?

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  1. Let’s get serious here. Mad Max?? please… what’s next? A robocop game? Shoot, why don’t we bring back howard the duck and try to make a game out of that too. IT’S THE 80’s people!! Let’s let it rest in peace. Mad max went out with flock of seagulls.

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