Madcatz Warhead 7.1 Headset Review

When I first heard of the Warhead 7.1 back at E3 I got pretty excited, mostly because Madcatz marketed the headsets to be 100% wireless and as we all know for Xbox 360 owners that’s never the case. We’re always stuck with a damn cable going from our headsets to the controller, which basically killed the “wireless” experience. For example my Astro  wireless A40s, sure they were wireless but as soon i wanted to chat with someone I had to plug in the controller cable and there went my wireless feature.

But now we finally have a “true” Xbox 360 wireless headset that’s unlike every other Xbox 360 headset, the Warhead 7.1 needs no chat cable, adapter or dongle to carry chat.  It’s the only one to feature Microsoft’s own security chip which allows direct communication with the console.  Not only does this provide true wireless chat, but it also allows for crisper, clearer audio.

Comfort and Design

The TRITTON Warhead 7.1 is designed as an “over ear” headset compared to an “on ear” headset.  The Warhead 7.1 allows the user’s ears to rest completely inside the earcups, which feel really comfortable and easily adjustable.

The Warhead 7.1 feels well constructed, sturdy even though they’re made from plastic they don’t feel like it, your not afraid to drop them if you accidentally do. I’m glad that TRITTON really worked on the design I’ve had a few TRITTON headsets in the past and they always felt cheap and ended up breaking after little use.



The Warhead 7.1 not only connects to your Xbox 360 using 5.8GHz wireless  up to 33′ away but it also comes with 7.1-channel surround sound which makes gaming amazing, I played Modern Warfare 3, Battle Field 3, Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 to name a few to really test out the audio not only in sound quality but in range as well, i was a good 30′ feet away and everything still sounded sharp and clear.

As I mentioned I own a pair of Astro A40s and these Warheads 7.1 easily blow them away in terms of sound quality, of course because of the 7.1 surround sound that the Warheads come with, the output is truly amazing, crisp clear sound.

The Warhead 7.1 comes packed with a ton of accessories two of which are  the dual rechargeable battery packs that allow one pack to charge in the base station while you play, and lets you swap it out when the on-screen readout shows that your current battery is out of juice! that’s right just like the wireless controllers where you can hit the Xbox button to check your battery you can do the same to check your headset battery! Also another cool feature is the option to choose whether or not you want to hear your own voice through the headset with Selectable Voice Monitoring (SVM)

You can also use your headset to catch a movie or kick back with your favorite tunes and fine-tune your audio preferences for each media type with the equalizer settings on the headset’s base station. (pictured above)


Set up was crazy easy I swear it took me longer to unpack everything then it took me to set The Warhead 7.1 . All i had to do was plug in the power, optic cable to my Xbox 360 and to it’s base then sync it to my console and that was it, couldn’t have been more than two minutes which was awesome cause if your like me and get a hold of a new “toy” i can’t wait to try it.

Of course i had to wait for the first battery to charge to actually start using which took about 10 minutes or so but the actual set up was about 2 minutes.

And best of all you can connect to almost any Xbox 360 with the included cables and adapters that provide simple setup, whether your console is legacy or current-gen or connected to a display via HDMI or component/VGA/composite.

As I mentioned earlier the 7.1 surround headset comes packed with accessories which include a stand, base station with charger, removable flexible microphone, RCA adapter cable, optical cable, digital audio adapter, AC adapter (with different plugs for other countries) and two rechargeable battery packs.

The Warhead 7.1 are by far the best set of headsets I have used to date, with all the accessories you can ask for, a crazy easy set up, the only TRUE wireless headsets out there for the Xbox 360 and of course the amazing 7.1 surround sound I give the the Warhead 7.1 a 9 out of 10 a must buy for all gamers by far The Warhead 7.1 are the best headsets out there.