Madden 13 New Gameplay Features


Check out this sneak peek of what to expect from the new game day improvements for Madden 13 due at to release in the middle of August.

One thing that I see is a good thing is that some of the game play features from NCAA 13 are being imported into this years Madden game.Football is becoming a more passing orientated sport at both the college and professional level. In response to this EA is really emphasizing improving the passing game mechanics and from what I’ve seen so far I’m pretty impressed. I think that this will make the game a lot more free flowing and enjoyable to both the casual and hard core gamers.

Also an under the radar improvement that many people won’t pay immediate attention to but will be very impactful is the improvement in the defensive AI, in particular the defensive alignments. The reason being is because this years game strategically will have more of a realistic feel to it. In addition the improvements will open up defensive playbooks to allow users to better disguise coverages and confuse users.