Madden NFL 13 is Making Alot of Changes…FINALLY!

OK here we go,  EA Sports releases a Madden Title every year and for Sports fans they’re always fun and enjoyable but lets be honest, for the past 3 madden titles it feels like EA has gotten a little redundant. Well this year I am very excited to say that EA has realized this and decided that this Madden title is going to come with A LOT of changes. I am gonna explain some of the big changes Madden 13 has to offer starting from their all new commentary to their new kick ass looking uniforms and everything in between they announced so far.

All New Commentary- As Madden fans all know, the commentary was sooo repetitive and actually a little annoying. Well for this Madden, EA decided to get rid of all the old commentary and start fresh. We can all say goodbye to Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth because they are getting replaced with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, which is awesome! So far the team has recorded more than 80 hours and 9,000 lines of dialogue from Nantz and Simms, so it is safe to say that these two will have a lot of things to say and there will be no repetition.

On-Field Sounds- On-field sounds might not seem like much but its one of those small things that gives you that feeling like it’s a real game. For Madden NFL 13, all the on-field sounds are AUTHENTIC! Yup, every sound you hear from the game you’re playing are from actual NFL games and if that doesn’t make you feel like you’re watching an actual game, then I don’t know what will. It’s even so deep to where even the quarterback cadences are from the ACTUAL quarterbacks themselves!

Total Control Passing- Madden 13 has added a new mechanic that allows quarterback to guide receivers to open spots using the left stick for direction and button pressure for speed. It will allow a lot more strategy plans for both offense and defense.

Play-Action Gets a Touch Up- Anybody who has played any recent Madden title knows that the play-action plays are big no-no’s because the end result would be a sack, fumble, or worse….injury. Now with Madden 13 that will change, EA knows this and made it so that casual and hardcore fans can use play-action once again. The new change makes the quarterback faster for two reasons, One: So that the QB turns quicker and makes the fake hand off look legit and Two: So that the QB can step away from the center faster to get away from second row linebackers and rushers. With this addition it will make offense a lot more fun to play and interesting to see how the defense will be affected by this.

Passing Trajectories Improvements- In Madden 12 for some reason linebackers had super jumping abilities that allowed them to jump up and swat the ball down or just pluck it in mid-air for an interception. At first I was kinda OK with it but after playing more and more these linebackers looked more super human. All Madden fans should know that there are three types of passing: Lob Pass, Medium Pass, and Bullet Pass. Well for Madden 13 there will be 20 new passing types and speeds.

COM Play More Realistic- Another weird thing I noticed about the previous Maddens is that sometimes Computers don’t even have to look at the ball to know where it’s at. If it’s a defender or receiver they would both be looking the opposite direction of where the ball is and still be able to catch it or intercept it. The change to that is the detail EA put into the Computers so where they look is where they have their attention. All this adds to the realistic factor and contributes to us paying more attention on where we put the ball on offense.

Redesign is the Key- EA Designers made it very clear that they want this Madden game to innovate and blowout all there previous NFL titles. So with Madden NFL 13 they redesigned the menu screens and contributed countless hours into the detail of the NFL players. Not only that, but designers worked on the stadiums, the crowds, the referees, even the dirt and scratches the players get throughout the game. Now that is dedication. Not only that but Designers will release the new uniform jerseys that NIKE released for their partnership with the NFL. These new Jerseys are so fresh and sleek looking, it will definitely make you feel like you are playing the real deal.

Like I said before, EA is serious when they say they want to innovate this game and make us fans feel like we are playing a real life game so that we can feel that excitement and frustration we would feel in a real football game. I found a Youtube video that sums up all the changes in Madden NFL 13. Be sure to check that out at the end of this article.  Madden is set to release on 8/28/2012, so be sure to pre-order it and grab it the first day it comes out, who knows what else EA could be working? August is still some time away.