Machine 22 and Creaky Corpse Ltd are proud to announce that their title March of the Living, is now available via Steam for both PC and Mac. March of the Living is a rogue-lite survival game set in the zombie apocalypse.

“We’ve taken all the best bits of FTL and popular zombie apocalypse fiction, and rolled it into something quite special” commented Neil Yates of Creaky Corpse Ltd..

Players choose a starting character from an unlockable list and start their journey toward a rumored safe haven where they’ll be protected from the deadly infection. Along the way they’ll meet allies, defeat foes and battle through the infected. Players need to carefully manage their resources and make the tough decisions necessary to ensure the survival of their group.

Main features:
·Manage a group of up to 6 survivors
·Define your journey through over 160 unique events
·A new procedurally generated game world on each play-through
·Real time combat with the possibility to pause at any time
·Over 80,000 words of quality writing
·Trade for the supplies you need
·Scavenge for goods in cities
·Four starting characters to unlock
·Adaptive music for an immersive experience

March of the Living is now available for PC & Mac via Steam for a base price of $14.99 USD or $13.49 USD when including the 10% launch discount .