Marvel Avengers Alliance launches Infinity Spec Ops


“From deepest space, Thanos the Mad Titan has returned, and he has brought with him the fiercest warriors in the galaxy: The Black Order. As always, his goal is death, but a darker motive underlies it. Why is Thanos here? And why is he after Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans?”

Over the weekend, Playdom launched a new Special Operations for Marvel Avengers Alliance. It is named after and inspired from the currently running major story event Infinity. As such, it contains spoilers of characters and plot-lines that are still being introduced.

Players have until Sunday, October 13 to complete the 25 tasks needed to recruit for a limited time Black Bolt. The King of the Inhumans is a tactician-class fighter who flies and grants ambient particles to himself and his allies when they attack or are being attacked. Black Bolt can then use up the full number of ambient particles built up to increase the amount of damage his level 9 Power Word attack can inflict.
Black_Bolt_Dialogue_1Also launched is the Inhuman Collection, where players try to collect the eight specific comic book covers found in Inhuman Lockboxes to recruit Thane, one of the characters who is first introduced through the Infinity story event. Thane is a blaster-class fighter with abilities that are meant to heal himself while inflicting harmful effects on his opponents such as petrify and instant death.
Thane_Dialogue_1Completing all 25 tasks without using gold will require the recruitment of Psylocke, Red Hulk, and Wasp. Players can also fight Thanos numerous times in the Special Operations missions and on ally maps to gather 50 of the Guardian Shards item, which will be used to research and reward players with the powerful Guardian of Attilan, which helps protect the player’s agent while inflicting a great deal of damage on opponents.