Mass Effect 2’s Massive level dump

Well you finally did it, you bitched and you bitched and now thanks to your tireless efforts we all have to start from scratch. Game On recently had a chat with Lead Developer Casey Hudson on Mass Effect 2’s recent gameplay changes and how it would effect stat transfers from chapter 1.

In a nutshell it ain’t happening, basically every aspect of the game has been so drastically overhauled that transferring over previous abilities would be impossible. This bizarre twist is hilighted within the story to explain how or why Commander Shepard is so weak this time around (dam STDs). All is not lost however, according to Hudson, some aspects will be recognized in terms of feel and gameplay.

we’re taking into account all of your accomplishments in terms of building a character from the first game. So things you’d expect to be acknowledged, like if you were a level 60 character, or you were highly Renegade and don’t want to start out at the middle again. If you import your save game from Mass Effect, these kinds of things will be acknowledged in ways that map across to the new system. You will feel, even in terms of the character that you build, that you are continuing as that character.

Though all the previous classes are still present(Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel, and Vanguard) as well as the progression, they have been highly revamped in terms of use and mastery.

Take the throw ability. It’s a biotics power that was in the first game and it’s back in Mass Effect 2. Before it would just push the enemy back from your position. That’s interesting, but it’s not as useful as the way we’ve adapted it to Mass Effect 2, where throw is kind of a vortex that you fling at an enemy. When it hits them, it throws them in the direction at which it strikes them. If you’re looking at an enemy that’s standing on a bridge with drop-offs on either side, previously a throw would have knocked him back along the bridge and he wouldn’t have fallen off. Now you can angle your throw power to the left, for instance, and it will hook around, hit him from the side, and he’ll go flying to the right. It’s a more advanced version of the same power that you knew from the first game.

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