Mass Effect: Andromeda arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2017

The next entry in the sci-fi RPG Mass Effect will be out early next year, but details have been slim in terms of what to expect. Fans have speculated about the new protagonist’s name, we know that jet packs will be a new feature, and that this entry takes place in a new galaxy, long after the events of the previous installment. To find out more, we had a chance to sit down with BioWare studio producer Aaron Flynn and creative director Mac Walters. While they weren’t able to tell us as much as we’d hoped, they nonetheless gave us a better idea of just how large the Andromeda galaxy is.

The new setting allows for a complete blank slate for the creative team, to introduce new characters, planets, and races. While we’ll see the return of the Asari, Krogan, and humans, new races will be introduced as well, though BioWare is remaining secretive on just what these races are. “We want to bring back some of the races and species from the trilogy, but because we’re going to Andromeda, there’s going to be new civilizations,” says Walters.