Mass Effect: Andromeda HDR, Release Date, and More

In recent history as part of Mass Effect tradition they have never used or adapted the season pass format. It’s not a huge surprise the Mass Effect Andromeda will continue not use the season pass in it’s up coming game. It’s not clear if this means future DLC will be free, paid for individually or use a different model.

In more recent news, Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn announced Mass Effect: Andromeda may be coming to Xbox One first, but it will look better on PlayStation 4. Because Andromeda will run short of native 4K output (2160p) on the PlayStation 4 Pro, only able perform at 1800p.

In beta news, Mass Effect: Andromeda fans that want to experience Commander Ryder’s adventure as early as possible should know that the game will be playable early through EA Access.