Mass Effect:Why Ashley is 1 Million Times better than Tali


Mass Effect is great for so many reasons. One huge reason is the ability to from meaningful relationships with meaningful characters. Mass Effect had plenty of meaningful characters to chose to befriend. I will only talk about Ashley and Tali. Ashley is a million times better than Tali because of the fact that she is a much more amazing character. Ashley’s character is far more complex than it appears at first glance. To some Ashley is just a soldier who speaks her mind whenever she wants too. If you take the time to develop a relationship with Ashley you find that she is vulnerable inside, but is too strong to show it. Her poetry is a way of expressing her more soft spoken side. Ashley is a great romance option because she is someone you trust and can always depend on in a fight or to back you up in any decisions. In Mass Effect 2 when she gets mad at you for not contacting her, it is a completely understandable HUMAN reaction. Ashley was hurt and she let it show. Ashley is also a HUMAN, which makes her able to connect with you in ways Tali NEVER could. Ashley is also way more ATTRACTIVE.

Tali is an average companion at best. Her romance availability has very little appeal. Tali is like a little kid in the game with the fact that she always has problems going on that are a huge drag to go trough because they are not fun. Tali’s voice is also a huge annoyance throughout the whole game. Tali is also a liability in a fight. These traits make her incredibly inferior to Ashley. Some players may like her innocence and may like how shes different than others, but the 100% better version of Tali is Liara. Liara can atleast hold her own in a fight, and she is a remarkable character whom is probably the best romance option for all.

However for me Ashley is the best. Tali Sucks.

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  1. Unbiased Response: Terrible article Bryan, sorry. This whole article is equivalent to a forum post, with an overstated opinion. You barely give info to back up your opinion and completely bash on another character with false accusations.

    Biased Response: Tali is the best, your opinion is invalid.

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