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Master X Master Closed Beta is ON NOW!

You guys looking to try a new moba game? Well here is the time! SIGN UP NOW for the closed beta for Master x Master.

Master X Master is a moba game developed by NCsoft which consists of their original characters as well characters from blade and soul, Aion, Wildstar, Guild wars, and MORE. Compete against other players in 5 vs 5 regular moba mode, 3 vs 3 arena, or play with others to complete stage PVE maps. 

This isn’t just a regular moba  though as instead of picking one character you will have to pick TWO characters in a tag-team style like marvel vs capcom. So if love more than one character then you can pick two of them at one time!

The Closed beta is on now for the PC and available from April 6 – April 23. So what you wanting for? Sign up now and PLAY!


Latest trailer:


Gameplay Overview: