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MATHOPOLY: Board Game for Learning Math Students!


Mathopoly offers students the great chance to learn mathematical concepts and formulas in a easy-going, fun environment. It incorporates the mathematical diversity needed to ensure success for kids in today’s challenging curriculum. Everything about Mathopoly is mathematical, from the dice toss to the curriculum based questions.

Creator Willi Penner had trouble with Math his whole life and and as a teacher himself, he had to solve the monotonous way schools were teaching math skills to students. He saw improvements in the Math skills of students not only in his classes but classrooms around North America by using Mathopoly as a part of learning.

“Good resources for middle years students are few and far between… If you can make any learning [into] a game, students will do it. They won’t even think about it.” – Sandy Margetts – Professor, Brandon University

Mathopoly incorporates Curriculum Focus Points: Numbers, Statistics & Probability, Shape & Space and Patterns & Relations. Mathopoly also uses Mental Math Question Cards and Problems Solving Question Cards. It includes a unique two dice system that allows for negative and positive integer rolls, a ruler for precise measuring questions and a protractor for drawing and estimating angles. A Junior Card Bundle is also available for ages 9 and up for a more focused approach on introducing Math concepts. Game Play Adaptation Examples are available to those who purchase, along with a Mathopoly Bingo version that has become very popular with teachers and parents.

A Kickstarter campaign will be launched soon to develop an app version of Mathopoly as well.