Maximum Crisis

Hows it going everyone Patrick here doing another Yugioh TCG review, and today my friends from Konami gave me the opertunity to review their new set, Maximum Crisis. This is a decent set it has a bunch of support for some older archtypes and even adds about three more into play. This 100 card set includes support for Odd-Eyes, Performapals, Subterror, True Kings, and one of my favorites Spyrals. There are a couple cards i want to talk about in this set that i think are really cool and that you most likely see in the meta, so lets get this started.

The first card i want to talk about is Tornado Dragon. Tornado Dragon is a generic rank 4 with 2100 atk and 2000 def. But what makes this card pretty great is that it is essentally a MST fuesed into a monster that can use its effenct during eith players turn. I love Tornado Dragon, it can deal with a lot of problomatic cards that you cant either normally reach or you have used up all your resources to deal with backrow. I feel you will most likely see this in almost every deck at worlds or even at your locals, because it is so versatile that you can splash it into every deck and make it usuable.

The last card i want to talk about is one of my favorites from this set and that is Spyral Gear – Fully Armed. Its an equip spell that says you can only equip it to Spyral Super Agent and gives it a boost of 1000 atk. It also has another effect that says, if this equiped monster destroyes an opponents monster, you can banish that monster and banish one more card on your opponents side of the field. Also if this card is destroyed, you can search your graveyard for a Spyral Super Agent and special summon it to the field. This is an amazing card just because this card helps you banish 2 cards your opponent controls, gain 1000 atk, and even recycle the boss monster for this deck so you can extend your plays, thus makeing a bunch more combos that your opponent can hardley deal with.

I had really enjoyed this set, i feel like they had added some really good support for some decks that really needed the attention so they can be in the meta again. I would recomend trying out a few packs to see if these cards will help your decks out so you can outplay your opponent. I hope you all enjoyed the review and remember Happy Dueling.