Mechromancer Echo log 2 and full Skill Tree

Cant get enough Borderlands? Who can blame you, the game is amazing and it only keeps getting better.  Today marks the release of yet another Echo blog from everyone’s Favorite Mancer of Mechronized fools. Gaige.  In this one she gives an update into the creation of Deathtrap…… and then fades into a rant about that dam Marcy.


And as if that wasn’t enough for 1 day, Gaige’s full skill tree has finally been unveiled on the official Borderlands 2 site (as well as here).  The main Action Skill is of course Summon Deathtrap and from there you have your choice of “Best Friends Forever”, “Little Big trouble” and Ordered Chaos” skill trees.

Best Friends Forever focuses on Keeping Deathtrap out in the battlefield as long as possible while also granting many defensive bonuses.

Little Big Trouble Is all about weapons/damage and element bonuses.

Ordered Chaos rewards players that play hard, it is high-risk/high-reward  with an emphases on managing and sacrificing Anarchy stacks for damage output.

Mechromancer. Not mech-romancer. Kissing DT would taste like a mix of rust, electricity and the cat guts I forgot to clean off him last week