Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Competition 2012

Starting September 18, Bloks Brigade members will be able to vote for their favourite videos. The four (4) videos with the highest number of votes in each category will move onto the Face-Off phase (November 6 to November 26), where they will battle against each other. During the Face-Off phase, Bloks Brigade members will vote on the top twenty (20) videos in a knock-out style tournament in order to determine the top video in each of the five (5) categories.

During the Judging Phase (November 27 to December 5), these five (5) top videos (one from each category) will be viewed by our expert panel of judges who will select the the top video overall, all categories combined. The person having submitted this video will receive the grand prize. The persons having submitted the other four (4) top videos having made it to the Judging Phase will each receive a Top of Category prize.

the 2012 competition is utilizing a genre format. Contestants can enter videos into one of the following categories:
• Action: Films focusing primarily on combat and action scenes.
• Comedy: Films dedicated to subverting the usual “intensity” of Halo, be it through straightforward comedy or surrealism.
• Drama: Films that take a more narrative approach to the Halo universe.
• Classical: Films incorporating elements of classical film, such as silence or black and white.
• Sports: Films utilizing either real-world or fantasy (e.g. Griffball) sports.

Videos must be 1 – 3 minutes long. Each participant can enter a maximum of one video per category. Each video can only belong to one category.

The contest is open to anyone over 13 years old who are residents of Canada, United States, UK, Mexico, France, or Australia.

·     Submission Phase (September 1 – October 25) – Submissions are open. Increase your views by being some of the first to upload your video.
·     Voting Phase (September 18 – November 5) – Voting begins. Vote for your favorite videos and share the best ones.
·     Face-Off Phase (November 6 – November 26) – Pick the finalists by voting for one of the two videos that are in face-off.

PRIZES (We can provide images of the prizes for your blog upon request)
Grand Prize – 1 Best Video winner (Estimated value of $6,000)
• Complete 2012 Mega Bloks Halo and Halo Universe Collection
• MacBook Pro
• Final Cut X
• Digital Camera + Accessories (e.g. Tripod, Lense)
• Toon Boom Software
• Light-up Cortana Figure Trophy
• Nameplate
• Video Featured on Waypoint

Top of Category – 4 Category winners (Estimated value of $1,500 each)
• Fall 2012 Mega Bloks Halo and Halo Universe Product
• Bronze Spartan Figure
• Web Camera
• Toon Boom Software
• Nameplate
• Medal

Mega Bloks Halo Toymation Competition 2012