Metal Gear Survive = Cash Grab (Speculation and Conversation)

This trailer posted on the IGN youtube channel has 18,900 likes and 88,204 dislikes and the dislikes are still climbing.

Personally I expect to see a random Metal Gear game come around after Kojima got the boot by Konami and I’m sure this wont be the last we see of Metal Gear spin offs. Konami has had a rough year with employees, community, and game directions and I dont see them getting better any time soon.

Metal Gear Survive was their most recent announcement and they are already taking punishment for it. Metal Gear Survive is a Co-op, survival, stealth, Metal Gear Solid game; It almost reminds me of Resident Evil 5 or 6 but set in a Metal Gear game. Konami said this game wont be the normal 60 dollars which is another red flag and another hint towards it being just a simple cash grab.

Now say this wasn’t a cash grab attempt; say they wanted to regain the trust of the Metal Gear fans but the only way I could see that being done is waiting a couple years and release a Metal Gear Solid 6 tied to the story instead of this spin off not even the full price of a triple A title that a Metal Gear game should be.

This was just something I wanted to touch on and talk to others about. I’d love to hear others opinions about this topic and hear what you think Konami’s motives are and if you’ll buy this game when it comes out early 2017. Thanks for reading and have an amazing week! As usual, Don’t get Salty. 🙂

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