METAL SLUG 2 releasd today on the iOS and Android!

Metal Slug2SNK Playmore USA Corporation has announced the world wide release of METAL SLUG 2 for the iOS and Android. This game is the 2nd installment in the legendary NEOGEO 2D run-and-gun gaming series! This is a conversion of METAL SLUG 2 just like the original but also includes some unique features.

Key feature:

  • An “arcade-Perfect”  NEOGEO Port with extra features-along with the arcade mode players can select a mission they previously cleared in MISSION MODE. Players can train the missions that they haven’t aced or just revisit them for fun.
  • Customizable Controls-players can use the Autofire function. This allows players to use a continuous rapid fire  when holding down the shot button. Players can also go into Window Mode. This mode repositions the buttons outside of th e game screen area.
  • Multiplayer gameplay via Bluetooth. Players can use this to play private matches or even team up with a friend via the Bluetooth connection.
  • Network ranking functions- players can compete for the best scores with other players around the world through the network function.

METAL SLUG 2 is about 2 female recruits Eri who is a former super agent and Fio who is the only daughter of a famous military family. They join the Regular Army’s PF Squad Marco and Tarma to that they can put an end to General Morden’s evil plans.

The game is available now through the App Store and Google play!