MicroVolts to have Bomb Battle Mode

Today Rock Hippo announced that they will be releasing a new mode on their cartoon style third-person online shooter, MicroVolts. Bomb Battle mode will have a new map, new weapons and special events to make players want to take on this mode with a vengeance.

This mode will have MicroVolters rushing to prevent enemies from planting and arming bombs. If the enemy HAS armed said bombs then it is up to the players of the opposing team to defuse the dangerous bomb before it blows up. This new mode also introduces a new map, Cargo. On this map Toys are to priority on this new Cargo map. Players will  be fighting on an 18-wheeler that is headed down a never ending Micro-world road. In the MicroVolts Capsule Machines their are new  weapons  like new laser Blades and Laser Rifles to pick from as well as new parts for Naomi and Pandora.

Lastly still going on right now MicroVolters can still play in the Micro-lympis to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze weapons set. Down bellow you can take a look at a trailer of the Bomb Battle play mode! To start playing or to participate in the Micro-olympics you can go here.