Microvolts Varsity Volts update!

Rock Hippo announced that they will be releasing their latest update Varsity Volts for their  popular cartoonish style third-person shooter Microvolts! Varsity volts is an update in celebration for people going back to school with new weapons, battlefields, parts and more!

Players can now get a chance at the Mirco Points Capsule Machine now! of course veterne players will be farmiliar with the Rock Token capsule machines but this new machine is one of a kind! Players will have the chance to  take a spin on this machine to win super rare weapons and parts using Micro Points! To add to this  each week three different capsule Machines are 50% off!

This latelst update players will have their pick of Varsity clubs to join such as Tennis-where top ranked tennis players in Naomi’s “Polnud” where players get tennis parts! On Pandora’s battlefield  “Hometeam” volley ball apparel awaits players after they  spike and set their way to this wonderful prize. then their is the Knox’s Soccer uniform for players that reach that high rank on the battlefield! Then again if being a jock isn’t your thing  then their is always Kn ox’s  new bike gear!

Some of the new weapons that will be in this update are the “red” and “Green Drawing Pencil” melees as well as ” wells Fargo” shotgun!

For more OR to start your own Microvolts adventure you can go to  www.MicroVolts.com!